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SKÖG Birch Sap Facial Tonic Mist is formulated to be a part of your everyday skincare routine. It can be used as a facial toner as well as a face/body mist. It is refreshing and does not cause any dryness. Applied after cleansing, it removes residue from makeup and excess oil while it regulates the skin’s delicate pH balance. It reduces the appearance of pores by removing oil build-up and leaving your skin ready to apply moisturiser or serum.

This product is unisex.

Key Ingredients: Birch Sap, Rose Hydrosol, Neroli Hydrosol, Witch Hazel Hydrosol, Aloe Vera Aqueous Extract, Grape Seed Oil, Glyceryl Caprylate, Glyceryl Undecylenate. 


  • Hydrates the skin
  • Balances pH level
  • Tightens pores

Skin type: Oily, acne prone, combination, normal, sensitive

Directions for Use:


  • After cleansing your face, spray this toner on a cotton ball or directly on your face. Gently dab it onto your face either with a cotton ball or your hands.
  • Finish by applying your serum/moisturiser.
  • To use as a mist, simply spray on your body or face anytime for a cooling effect.