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SEBAMED BABY WASH Extra Soft ph 5.5 (200ml | 400ml)

An ultra mild wash active compound for gentle daily cleansing of baby's delicate skin. Skin related squalene balances the skin's lipid content protecting against dryness and irritation. The pH value of 5.5 is the natural pH skin's acid mantle, which protects the health of baby's skin which is still in the process of developing.

 Key Features

  • 100% soap-free & alkali-free for gentle and effective daily cleansing
  • Vital protection against irritation
  • Tear free formula
  • Protects skin from dryness and supplements it with moisture

Suitable for: Baby’s gentle skin

Directions for use:

  1. Lather a few drops with warm water in your hands to create a mild foam.
  2. Wash baby gently
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water