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Cosmerit UV Shield Red Stick SPF 50++++ (15gm)

Cosmerit’s UV Shield Red Stick SPF 50++++ is a physical sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum protection from the harmful rays of sun and the stick format offers a convenient and hygienic way to apply and re-apply your sunscreen when on the go. It has powerful ingredients that go a step further to ensure that your skin gets utmost protection while getting utmost nutrition.

Key Ingredients:

  • Apart from Titanium and Zinc Oxide, the most effective physical filters, this sun stick contains Codium fragile extract which is a marine extract found in deep seas, abundant in Vitamin C and minerals. It protects from ultraviolet rays while providing the skin with necessary nutrition and moisture.
  • Snowflake, a patented ingredient, offers anti-wrinkle benefits by slowing down cell proliferation. It also enhances Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) production in the skin cells to protect skin from oxidative damage. It also inhibits melanin production thereby lightening dark spots overtime.
  • Natural Protector is a patented ingredient complex containing extracts of 7 photo-original plants to control inflammation and provide antioxidant benefits.

Directions of use:

  1. After finishing basic skincare, apply onto the face and neck. Re-apply every 2 hours for thorough protection.